Sunday, September 6, 2009


I never really realized how much our girls look alike until I ran across these pictures today. I better label them before I forget which one is which! Can you guess which is which?

Ashlee is the first of each set of pictures and Taylor is the second.


I can't believe that Ashlee is old enough to go to school. She is really growing up so fast. She was so excited to start school. Randomly throughout the summer she would ask me when school was starting.

She is actually going to school four days a week and we both LOVE it!! She loves the school and the teachers. On the first day she was a little nervous but excited. She must have had a wonderful time because when I came to pick her up she didn't want to leave. The facility is great. They have a wide variety of materials and toys. The program is very well structured and the teachers are great. They also use some students teachers from the university to help.

On the first day of class she was supposed to bring a poster that was all about her and things she loved. Of course she had to include the Disney Princesses, unicorns, Oreo's and flowers. There are also pictures of dressing up, painting fingernails, coloring, swimming, ice cream, riding her bike and her sister. Here is what it ended up like.