Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring break was great!! We were able to enjoy the nice weather and have fun as a family. The first weekend we went to Meaquite to visit Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and Nate played in a softball tournament while we were there. It was great to spend time together, and Nate's team even won the tournament!

During the week we pretty much just hung out in Cedar because Nate was working. The next weekend we went to Ephraim to visit family and friends. We stopped in Mayfield on our way to Ephraim and visited with the Madsen's. We got to see their new little baby and Ashlee even got to go horse back riding. She thought it was great!! She told me that she wants to go again, but next time she wants to ride on a pink horse.
Luke, Ashlee, Matt, and Nate

On Saturday we went to the park and had a picnic and flew kites. The kids thought it was so much fun. Then we went for a ride in the "little car without a roof" as Ashlee calls it.

Dad and Ashlee Taylor

It was so fun to be able to just relax over the week and spend time as a family.
The kids love the little car!


Rebecca said...

That was so good to see you guys. Thanks for stopping by. That is so funny Ashlee wants to ride a pink horse, I guess there is always paint. I love that little car too!

I love the video of Taylor, that is hilarious.

Curt, Colleen, and CJ said...

I'm glad CJ and I were able to see you and your cute family while we were down there too. I totally miss hanging out with my friends!

Nathan & Britney said...

What a fun spring break!! I love the car, I want a ride in it!!

Nater said...

What a fun trip!!! I can't wait to go home again :)