Friday, May 29, 2009


The falls at Yellowstone

Old Faithful

The week after Nate got out of school and a couple of days after we started moving, Melissa and Kelly invited us to go to Yellowstone with them. Nate and I hadn't been since we were very young, so we thought it would be great. We had an awesome time.

The worst part was the drive. It was about a 10 hour drive for us. This for many wouldn't be a big deal, but our children do not travel well. They are getting better, but after about two hours they are done and want to get out!! The other bad thing about the drive is that we couldn't leave until Nate got off work so we started the drive at about 5:00 pm.

Well about 2:30 in the morning, we were about 30 miles from our destination, Nate got pulled over. The policeman had been following us for a few miles and, I guess, thought that Nate was swerving a bit too much. I am sure the policeman thought that Nate was either drunk or really tired. He decided on the really tired when he got to the car and shined his light on our sleeping kids in the back. All I know was that if he woke up my kids, he would have to put them back to sleep! He told us he just wanted to make sure we were awake and okay, and that we were close to our destination. He was really nice and just let us go. It did wake us up a bit though.

We were lucky to have a great condo to stay in, thanks to Melissa and Kelly. We had quite a big group which made it really fun. My parents were there, Bryan, Jenessa and Joshua too. We also were there with Kelly's parents and Mackey, and some friends of Melissa and Kelly.

Ashlee sight seeing

We wore out Joshua and Taylor

We spent the next two days driving through Yellowstone seeing some amazing scenery. Melissa and Kelly were there last year so they knew where all the good things to see were. They were great tour guides. We were lucky to see so many animals. We saw a grizzly bear, two black bears, elk, a fox, cyotes, lots of bison, and some different birds. Kelly and Melissa took their really nice camera, I will have to get some of their pictures.

One of the black bears

Taylor and Ashlee

The fox

One of the many bison

Ashlee and Jenessa had a great time riding with Melissa and Kelly. They might decide to rethink having kids after these two chatterboxes!

We also went to a place outside the park that had bears and Wolves. It was really cool to see them so close up. The wolves were beautiful.

We want to thank Melissa and Kelly for such a fun family trip! We had a great time.


Britney said...

What a fun trip... I have never been but would like to someday!! I like your background, we both have great taste!!

The Jensen's said...

Hey yeah, I finish school in december, and we hope to begin building next spring. We bought some property across town by Jorgan's parents.... Ugh no I didn't make those little clips. They look super cute and they don't look like they would be that hard to make, but I just have never tried it yet..

Looks like you guys are having lots of fun! talk to you later.

Rebecca said...

Wow you got to see lots of animals! That looks so fun. I love your place. Hope you had fun in Oregon.