Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I can't believe our little girl turned 5 last week!! She is getting so big I can hardly believe it! She had such a fun birthday. The weekend of her birthday all of my family came down to visit. They got to come see me dance in the ballet "Cindrella" and celebrate Ashlee's birthday. We went to Melissa and Kelly's condo in St. George. It was great. We were wishing for a little warmer weather, but we still had a blast.

Ashlee happens to share a birthday with her cousin Genavieve, they were able to celebrate together as well.

A few days later we had Ashlee's first real birthday party. She was so excited! We had the girls dress up like princesses and took them to Evan hair college here in Cedar. They were treated just like princesses! They got to get their nails and hair done. All the girls LOVED it! Then we came home and had rainbow cupcakes and ice cream, played twister, and opened presents. Each girl got to leave with a little treat bag and a sugar cookie wand. It was a great party!

The girls looking at hairstyle books

Playing Twister

Yummy Cupcakes and Ice cream!

Awesome rainbow cupcakes!


ThE KaRl CoX FaMiLy said...

That is the cutest party ever. Now I know who to go to for party ideas. How fun!!

Corianne said...

How cute was this! Girls are fun! :0)

Angela A. said...

How fun! Lucky Ashlee - I love the castle cake! Invite me next time! I love dressing up. ;) (I am kidding...about the invite anyway)

Rebecca said...

That is such a cute party! What great ideas. You are awesome at cake decorating. Where are you dance pictures?

Micah & Mishawn said...

Happy Birthday Ashlee!!! IT looks like you had a fun party.

Rohini Sharma said...

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