Thursday, August 14, 2008

i've bEeN TaGgEd!!

AbOUT mE aNd My LoVE.....

What is his name? Nathan Michael Johnson

How long have we been married? 4 of the best years of his life!

How long did we date? We dated for a year and were engaged for another year.

How old is he? 29

Who eats more? Definitely me.

Who said "I love you" first? I can't really remember.

Who is taller? He is

Who sings better? He does

Who is smarter? I am more intelectually inclined than Nate, but he knows a lot of weird facts that nobody else would ever know.

Whose temper is worse? Mine for sure!

Who pays the bills? I do.

Who does the laundry? I do.

Who cooks dinner? I do.

Who drives when together? He does. I DON'T drive when we are together.

Who is more stubborn? He is.

Who is the first to admit when wrong? Probably me.

Who wears the pants in the family? I let Nate think that he does, but we both know it is really me.

Who mows the lawn? He does.

Who kissed who first? I think it was a pretty mutual thing.

Who asked out who first? He asked me out first. Actually, he did it in front of a guy that I was dating. . . and I said yes!

Who proposed? He did

What is my favorite thing about him? There are so many of my favorite things I don't know where to start. Nate is the most amazing dad in the whole world and his daughters love him so much. One of my other favorite things about Nate is that he is the hardest working man that I know. He is always working so hard to make sure that we have everything that we could ever need. All I can say is that I am very blessed to have such a caring, generous, wonderful husband.

I tag Rebecca, Cass, Teresa..... Good luck and have fun Ladies!!


Mark and Cass said...

Okay, so you must not have always kept up on my blog...I did this tag back in May (well, it's a little different, but pretty similar!)
No really, I understand things were kind of crazy back then, but if you want to see my version, just go back to my May posts because I don't really want to do it again! (For those who really do read my blog now and then!) ;-)

Rebecca said...

I liked reading that. I will do that when I get the ambition. I have been so tired lately, did you ever have trouble sleeping this early in pregnancy?

Rebecca said...

I am so happy you are coming to town! Do call. Matt and Caleb are in Alaska until Monday so maybe we could even get together this weekend?

Nathan & Britney said...

Tag you are it again!! Go to my blog and see what you need to do for this next tag!! Good luck! We sure do miss you guy's, hope you are doing well and can't wait to see you!!

Nater said...

Hey guys are you ok? Where you evacuated? I hope all is well. Keep us posted!!!