Monday, August 11, 2008

Life in Texas

So I thought that most of you probably wonder what we do out here in Houston all day. Well let me tell you we have it pretty rough! There are quite a few families out here so that has been really fun. Our husbands are ususally gone pretty much all day so all of the wives and kids get together and hang out. We go shopping, or out to lunch, or to the pool, or whatever else we can find. Here are a few pictures of some of us out to lunch.

Most weekends we all end up swimming at the pool and having a bbq. Here are my adorable kids swimming with their dad.
This is a picture of Brock and Taylor they are only a day apart. But he is like twice the size of her.


Bobette said...

Looks like fun. Hope you're surviving the awful humidity there. The kids are growing so fast.

Mark and Cass said...

Wow! Brock is a big boy! He's so cute though! (We like wrinkles and rolls!) ;-)

Glad to see you are all working SO HARD!

Angela A. said...

Did you move to Texas?? You are still - and always will be sweet Karen. My "other" little sister. Hope all is well for you!!

Your girls are darling!

Taylors said...

I love your summer pictures!! Someday I'm going to come and steal your baby girls away!! I sure miss you guys. It was so fun getting to know you and hopefully we can still stay in touch. We just barely got a blog so you should check our baby out since you didn't get to see her much. Good luck with all you do!!