Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Sunday

The Family

The Girls in their Easter Dresses
Ashlee 4 Years Old
Taylor 18 Months


Rebecca said...

So cute! The girls look so pretty in their Easter dresses. Nice idea about hiding the baskets, sounds like more fun.

Becky said...

What cute girls! I love their dresses too:) When is Taylor's bday? Brooklyn is 18 months on May 8th...they must be pretty close!

Corianne said...

Super cute! Your girls look a lot alike now!

Munns Madness said...

They are so cute You looked like you had a great Easter Are you guys getting ready to go and sell We are going to miss seeing everyone this summer Have fun.

Amy said...

Your girls are just gorgeous!! Seriously, they are SO, SO cute! Love their dresses.

Oh, I guess you and Nate look pretty good yourselves... :)