Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Say Cheese!

Easter was so much fun this year. We had a great time in Ephraim with my family. We dyed easter eggs, went bowling, had an easter egg hunt, and the Easter Bunny even paid us a visit! The girls had a great time playing with all their cousins and grandma and grandpa.
We had an easter egg hunt at my mom's house for all the grandkids. We did the three toddlers (18 months) first by themselves then the older kids had their hunt.
On the hunt for easter eggs!

Taylor didn't really get the idea of the easter egg hunt. She kept putting eggs in the other kids baskets. Joshua kept taking the eggs out of the other's baskets, and Kiana just wanted to open them and eat the candy inside instead of picking up more eggs.
Ashlee found one!

The older kids had a great time. We hid the eggs so well that at the end there were a couple of eggs that we adults couldn't find.
Taylor eating the candy (wrapper and all) from the hunt.
Ashlee got a necklace and rings in her eggs at the hunt.

While we were bowling Saturday night, the Easter Bunny stopped by grandma's house and hid our Easter baskets. The kids loved looking for them. Ashlee's was in the dryer and Taylor's was behind the end table. As the kids were looking for their baskets, we were trying to help Taylor find hers. We were trying to get her to look under the table, so I tossed a candy wrapper under the table. She immediately went and picked up the candy wrapper that was right next to the basket and brought it back to me. She didn't even notice or pay attention to the basket. I guess she isn't quite old enough to get the idea.