Friday, July 17, 2009


On Thursday we took Ashlee in to get her tonsils and adenoids removed. She was amazing!!

Waiting for the surgery!

We got to the hospital at 6:45am. Poor Ashlee was so nervous. She quitely cried all the way to the hospital telling us that she wasn't brave enough. After we got checked in we were taken to her room. She sat on my lap and wouldn't look at or talk to any of the nurses or doctors. We watched TV until they were ready for us. At about 8:00 they came to get Ashlee. She got on the bed and they wheeled her away. She was trying so hard to be brave. She looked super nervous though. She just kept saying that she didn't want any shots.
Nate and I just waited for her in her room. About 8:20 the doctor poked his head in the room and said that the surgery was complete and she did great! It was a fast surgery. The doctor said that everything went well. He said that her tonsils were big but her adenoids were HUGE! He also said that they had a hard time getting her to fall asleep with the gas because her adenoids were so big she couldn't get enough gas into her system. She did fall asleep with the gas eventually it just took a little longer. He said that even with the swelling we would be able to see a huge improvement with her.
We are so proud of our little girl! She was so brave!

When they brought Ashlee back to us she was still very sleepy. She tried to sit up as they brought her into the room and asked, "Did I get my tonsils out?" She slept for a little longer and then tried to eat a popsicle. The nurse then came and took her for a little walk to see if she would get nauseous. We then got her IV out and we got to go home. We were home by 10:30am. I was surprised at how quick the whole process was.

Trying to wake up

After we got home and she was a little more awake, I asked her what she remembered about the whole experience. She told me that she remembered going for a ride on the bed and that the hospital has magic doors that open all by themselves. I then asked her what else happened and she had no idea!

After the surgery!

She can breath so much better now. She sleeps more soundly. She even slept through the night last night!!!

Recovering at home.

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to my parents who came for the surgery. They have helped out a lot. they stayed home with Taylor while we went to the hospital, and have been very helpful in entertaining Ashlee since she has been home. Thank You mom and dad!


Angela said...

Alley get's her adenoids and tonsils out in a couple weeks. I'm so nervous. It looks like Ashlee did great though!

Britney said...

Poor little thing!! I am glad that she is doing well and breathing better and able to sleep through the night. Such a brave girl... I would have been scared to death.

Rebecca said...

I am so glad it went well!! That is awesome she is sleeping better too! It makes it all worth it. She iss such a sweet girl.

Becky said...

I'm glad everything went okay! Savannah had her tonsils out in February ~Not fun!!!

The Jensen's said...

that is super cute! I bet she was a bit nervous! Glad things went well