Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random summer pictures

The girls always have such a great time playing together. Taylor absolutely loves doing everything Ashlee does. They have such active imaginations.

We finally got Ashlee a bike this summer. She LOVES it! She is pretty careful on it. She definitely does not have the need for speed!

Ashlee also LOVES to dress up. Wearing my heels around the house is a daily occurance. She also changes her clothes at least twice a day. I think the shoe fettish is starting a bit young for both her and Taylor. I wonder where they get it from?

People used to tell me that they thought Taylor was going to be a tom-boy. Well she is definitely all girl. Sometimes she is more girly than Ashlee. . . . I know hard to believe.

Playing in the rain

Taylor was not feeling too good and just couldn't stay awake for one more minute. I found her sleeping in the doorway to my room.

All tuckered out after a long day of playing.