Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!

Well we sure had a great time on the 4th here in Texas. After the guys all got home from work we had a bbq out at the pool. Then we went to an area just north of where we live called the Woodlands. They had a big festival going on with live entertainment and then a great fireworks show. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY!


Mark and Cass said...

Everyone looks so good! We miss you all and can't wait for your visit: just a couple more weeks!
Give the girls hugs and kisses from us! The boys keep asking to play with Ashlee so we'll have to have a sleep over one night while you're here. (They really want to take her for a ride in their hummer!)

Nater said...

Happy July 4th. When did you guys move to Texas (I probably could have kept reading the blog and found out but...) Tell Nate hi for me. Thx Nate Peterson

Dawn & Chuck said...

Hey! Cute blog, we are just getting around to blogging (when I have time) and thought we would drop by and say hello!

What cute girls you have! Hope you're all doing well!