Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Houston Texas

Well we are now in the lovely city of Houston. As you probably know we were supposed to spend the summer in Las Vegas but after being there for two weeks we ended up getting transferred to Houston. We are back in the humidity again.

There are a lot of families out here working with us so we all get together a lot. It is so fun having a good group of friends. There are 5 girls out here Ashlee's age and they all love playing together. All the little girls love going from apartment to apartment playing with each other's toys.

We all got tickets to go to an Astros vs. Redsox game last week. Our seats were really high, but we all had a great time. Here are a couple pictures from the game.


Micah & Mishawn said...

Karen I love your Hair!

Angela said...

looks like fun & your girls are too cute!

Michelle said...

Hi. Karen doesn't know me, but my name is Michelle Knight (Chism) and I am Nate's cousin (our moms are cousins). I'm here in Houston too! Just wanted to say hi. We are enjoying it here...we're here just for the summer as well. Anyway - glad you enjoyed the Astros game -- we went to the Astros vs. Dodgers game just last week. So much fun!