Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Hula Hoop Contest

At the festival on the 4th there was a hula hoop contest. We had a great time watching people compete. Then I got the crazy idea that I should be in the contest. I used to be a pretty good hula hooper back in the day. Well, I got up there and needless to say, I can no longer hula hoop. I did horrible, but I had a good time. Well after some of the other wives had tried too (they weren't very good either) Ashlee decided that she wanted a turn so we got her up there. Well the hula hoop was so big that she couldn't actually do it, so she just held it up around her as the contest began. Well since her hula hoop never touched the ground, she WON!!! She was so EXCITED. They gave her a little prize and everything!


Jensen's said...

looks like you guys had a pretty good 4th of july. Hope things are good

Rebecca said...

I am surprised you couldn't hula hoop, you can really shake those hips! You guys are such a beautiful family, love the pictures. I saw your parents and Mark and Cass on the 4th, it was good to see them, and your Mom said you are enjoying it there because there are a lot of families there too. I am so glad. Lots of love.
By the way, have you been keeping up with "so you think you can dance" I love that show!