Monday, February 23, 2009


On Saturday Ashlee turned 4!! I can't believe it. She is growing up so fast! Ashlee woke up early on Saturday and the first thing she said was "Can I open my presents now!" This was at 7:30 in the morning. She was pretty bummed that she had to wait until later that evening to open the presents.
Ashlee's barbie cake.

Opening presents.
We went to Mesquite for the weekend because Nate's Uncle Francis passed away and his funeral was on Saturday. Well after the funeral we went to St. George with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson to celebrate Ashlee's birthday. Melissa and Kelly were at their condo in St. George so we celebrated together at the condo. We had dinner, opened presents, went swimming, had cake and ice cream, and all that fun birthday stuff.

Taylor swimming.

Ashlee, Karen, Taylor, Melissa

Mom and the Birthday Girl!

Ashlee we love you and think you are an amazing girl. You are such a great big sister and you are so smart and sweet and talented. We love you!


Nathan & Britney said...

Happy Birthday Ashlee!! I can't believe you are four!! We hope you had a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to see you guy's!!

Taylors said...

Ashlee is 4? No way. She is so beautiful and looks just like her mama. ...good thing, right. (: Just jokin Nate. Miss you guys!! Tell Ashlee Happy Birthday from Deena, Zach and Peyten!!

Matthew said...

So cute! I am glad Ashlee and Cora share their birthdays now. She looks so grown up in the first picture.

Becky said...

Ashlee is soooo cute! I can't believe how much she looks like you! I guess I lied about coming up on Wednesdays-Savannah ended up getting her tonsils out and that will keep us here for a couple weeks. I'll keep you updated-we need to hang out!

Corianne said...

Super cute! Time goes by way too fast! I love her barbie cake!

Amanda said...

Your girls soo cute. I was Nate's friend in high school-husband is related, you know the whole Mesquite thing :). I have to admit we did that barbie cake for our 5 yr old, yours was LOTS cuter!! Love it!

Amanda Hughes