Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a few cute pictures of the girls

Ashlee really wanted curly hair one day.

Taylor loves to listen and dance to music

Notice she is STILL scowling!

She is going to make us some big bucks one day playing golf!


dawn&co. said...

I love the ipod lady! So cute!

Nathan & Britney said...

What cute girls you have!! Ashleys hair looks so cute all curly!! Love the ipod and the scowl pictures!!

Hawkins Family said...

Hey! Wow, the girls are SO DANG CUTE!! They are getting so big. I love ash's hair. You always have them looking cute. We need to get together some time. I think we will be heading down the cedar sometime this month when dust and heather have the baby. I will let you know and let's do dinner or something. Miss you guys and hope everything is going great!!

Toby and Emily said...

They are so adorable!