Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines this year was great. We actually celebrated it in Centerville with my family this year. The day before valentines we all went to the Draper temple open house. It was beautiful just as you would expect. Then on valentines we all pitched in and got a couple of babysitters to watch the kids so all the adults could enjoy a nice dinner out with no children. It was GREAT! We don't get babysitters very often so it was quite a treat for Nate and I to have a little time together. Nate is such a good husband and is always thinking of what he can do for his family. I love him more every day. He is such a wonderful father and the girls just love him so much!
Later that night the kids got some valentines from grandma and grandpa and we had cake and ice cream to celebrate all the February birthdays (Zachary, Teresa, Ashlee, and Me.)